Welcome to the Royal Air Forces Association

Morecambe and Lancaster Branch 300

Charity Registration No: 1072421

Rated a Category 'A' Branch in the Northern Area.

70 years since formation - December 1944.

31 years since its reformation in 1985.

North West provides consistently 25% of RAF recruits


Join us in 2016 and stimulate us to achieve greater things!

Royal Air Forces Association

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Our Branch provides a network of friendship, help and support to its members.  

There are some 60,000 RAF veterans in the North West; please join your colleages in RAFA to help each other and those still serving; we must not isolate ourselves from each other to whom we owe a lot: JOIN US NOW!

We have been attempting to improve our relationships with local Air Cadet Squadrons.  The generation gap remains a problem, but we aim to support them as and when we can: click here for more information on Air Cadets.


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for RAFA Membership details.

Anyone who sympathises with our aims of friendship, help and support within an ethos of cordiality and concern for each other is most welcome to join us: we have members from other defence services and those without any service experience, and they provide an invaluable contribution by broadening our horizons.

By joining our local RAFA Branch you can:

Attend our social events, including interesting speakers and activities.

Maintain contact with locally like-minded people, including ex-RAF, ex-National Service and ex-Air Cadets.

Help our young and not-so-young people.

Remember the fallen and help the broken.

Who can join:

Serving RAF personnel: Full Ordinary membership :click here.

Air Cadet Officers, Warrant Officers, SNCOs, Civilian Instructors: Full Ordinary membership.

Ex-RAF personnel: Full Ordinary membership.

Members of Service or ex-Service or ex-National Service RAF personnel and their families or non-service people with little to no RAF experience: Full Associate membership: click here. or Branch Associate membership, email our Branch Secretary - see Contact Us.

RAFA Youth Membership has been formed for Air Cadets, CCF(RAF), GVCAC, Air Scouts, Air Explorer Scouts: and any other airminded young people, ages 12 to 17: contact our Branch Secretary for more information about this exciting RAFA development - see Contact Us.

Junior Branch Membership - free for any young person of ages 12 to 17 whose parent, grandparent, carer or guardian is a member of our Branch, for more information -  Contact Us. RAFA Youth Members require a free Junior Branch Membership in order to participate in our activities.

Meetings (All our talks are open to members and non-members, and are FREE!)

We meet at:

The Headway Hotel in Morecambe for lunch at 12 noon and for our speaking event at 1.45pm every second Tuesday during the year.

Bare Village Club in Morecambe for evening get together and for our evening speaking event at 7.30pm every fourth Tuesday from April to September during the year.

For further information - Contact Us.

Spiritual Needs

We have close links to St Barnabas Parish Church, Morecambe where we assemble for Battle of Britain Day Services and our Wings Concert each year; where we have opportunities for social events in the parish hall. The parish priest is also Chaplain of our branch and Padre to the local Air Cadet 455 Squadron. He takes care of our spiritual needs, including supporting bereavement and honouring our past members - Contact Us.

Should a RAFA funeral drape be required the deceased must have been a member of RAFA: in these circumstances please contact the Secretary so that arrangements may be made with the Funeral Director concerned.


Currently we don't have a Welfare Officer, and to compensate our area has been divided into clusters for which a Branch member has volunteered to be a contact for members within their cluster area. If you want to participate in this scheme of being able to be in touch with a Contact Member locally please contact us. On the other hand you may require more professional help, then to find out more please click here: RAFA Advice and Support

Please do pass the address of this website on to many others, including members of your family.









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Start the New Year Well!

09/12/2016 11:23
We are having a Sherry, Mince Pies and Quiz Social on Tuesday 10 January 2017, Headway Hotel,...

Grand Opening of a Branch RAFA Drop in Cafe: 11am on New Year's Day

05/12/2016 14:45
With the enthusiasm of Phil Johnson, owner of the Gingham Cafe in Morecambe, we are opening a...

Befriending Unknown Members, Serving or Ex-serving Personnel and their families

01/12/2016 12:32
We are asking for volunteers who might wish to become Befrienders of RAFA Members, Serving or...

Welfare Officer Confirmed

01/12/2016 12:28
We now have an Honorary Welfare Officer in this Branch. David Hodgson has a background in social...

Local Air Cadet Activities HighLights

14/11/2016 10:27
See Air Cadet Activities Page for some highlights of what they have been doing.

Remembrance Day Service at Platform and Cenotaph, Morecambe

14/11/2016 10:07
See News Shots page for pictures covering these two events.  The bad weather kept away, and...

Remembrance on 11 at 11; members were at Cenotaph

12/11/2016 12:09
A couple of branch members turned up at the Cenotaph in Morecambe.  They also supported the...

Hurry, Hurry to book your Christmas Lunch

08/11/2016 10:04
The deadline for booking your Christmas Lunch is 2nd of December as we have to send final details...

Remembrance Service at Rusland, Cumbria

07/11/2016 14:52
There was a goodly attendance at Rusland for its annual Remembrance Service, with 13 Standard...

Remembrance Service and Sunday Parade, Morecambe and Lancaster

05/11/2016 11:38
Please remember the Remembrance Service supported by Morecambe Band at the Platform on Saturday at...
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