Pavilion Regent Park Branch Fair

05/06/2017 10:07

Although we had hoped for more people, a steady trickle of them did come throughout the day.  Not bad considering that we clashed with a major event on Morecambe Prom.  See News Shots Page for pictures.  

This event replaced the Scott Road Coffee Morning and on that basis can be counted as a success with the Branch netting £236 compared with an average of £180 using Scott Road.  Also using the criteria of results for effort expended the Regent Road Pavilion was an outright winner and coupled with a delightful setting it was a win-win situation.  We will be using the Pavilion from now on.  Very many thanks to all Branch members who donated items, supported and came to the event and to Graham Buckley of the Pavilion for his support and encouragement.