Sherry and Mince Pies Social and National Presidential Certificate

11/01/2017 15:30

We had a most successful Sherry and Mince Pies Social in the Headway Hotel.  Twenty two attended lunch and around 28 came to the social, during which it was announced that the Secretary's mother had died suddenly on New Year's Day and members were asked for their active cooperation in preparing for the Morrison's Collection Day on Monday 6th February and the AGM on 14 February.  The funeral arrangements had yet to be made and therefore the next month was uncertain. 

The President of the Branch announced that the Chairman and Secretary had been awarded, in conjunction the New Year's Honour List, the prestigious National Presidential Certificate for all they had done over the years. This also brought much credit on the Branch.  The badges (see below) had already been received and the Certificate will be presented at the Annual Coference in May