Well attended AGM on 14th February

15/02/2017 15:01

Thirty six members attended the Branch Annual General Meeting at the Headway Hotel with 25 attending lunch before the meeting.  We were delighted to have with us the RAFA Northern Area Director Amy Robinson.

The Chairman reported on a very busy year with talks and many remembrance services to attend due to the Somme.  Unfortunately the low public attendances at the St Barnabas Coffee Morning and the Wings Concert were such that after a review it was concluded that Coffee Mornings had gone out of fashion at least in the West End.  As for the Wings Concert it was decided to replace this by a Branch Concert with emphasis on enjoyment, rather than maximising income for Wings which caused a lot of effort and anxiety.  The Branch Concert starting in 2018 will be our way of celebrating RAF100.  The accounts were all approved and the Reserves had increased by some £3000 with the surplus over the year in the Branch being some £900.

We paid farewell to our President Jack Wakefield who at a noble age of 96 could not perform the role any more as well as he would have wished: thank you Jack for a marvellous set of innings.  In his place we welcomed as President Squadron Leader Jefferson MBE RAF'Rtd and an ex Vulcan Bomber pilot among other things.  This helps to prepare for RAF100 in 2018.  We also appreciated the endeavours of Stu Robinson at Rio and his receiving the Sun Military Award for overcoming adversity: he is an object lesson to us.  Very well done Stu. 

Jack Wakefield was elected as Life Vice President of the Branch in appreciation for his endeavours and loyalty on all our behalf.  Finally the Branch was informed of the RAFA National Presidential Certificate awarded to the Branch Chairman and Secretary for dedication to the Branch.

This Web Site Administrator will be away for a week attending a family funeral and apologises for lack of photos for this event which will be duly posted on return.  Please do make use of the Gingham Cafe drop-in centre - next Branch Social Day coming up on Saturday 25th February - and learn all about each other and people from other services: it is great fun!