About Us

The Branch has been associated with Morecambe and Lancaster, on and off, since December 1944. It was reformed in 1985 and built up into a healthy financial state. We have around 190 members of which 40 plus are serving personnel. 

Our immediate Branch catchment area covers Morecambe, Lancaster and Carnforth, but we have members in Barrow, Arnside, Kendal, Kirkby Lonsdale, Preston and as far away as Lincoln and Scotland. So we are happy to have with us all those who embrace the spirit of cordiality, friendship and involvement as and when possible. Of course we recognise that some, for numerous reasons, can only participate infrequently, or even not at all. However, everybody can do something to help keep the Branch going, through donations, helping to raise funds via armchair internet shopping, joining our Flutter Club lottery, or just passing on the word that we exist and are a nice group to belong to!

As the RAF shrinks and the Air Cadets and other related reserve and auxilliary organisations expand, we firmly believe that we have a role to provide a centre of friendship, help and support for younger people. We are adapting to the changing pattern of the RAF and the consequential impact on serving and ex-serving personnel, their families and our community.

A serviceman or woman or family in difficulties impacts the community especially as their contribution falters or ceases altogether. It is before this critical point is reached that RAFA Welfare should be called in to provide assistance. All of you in the community with members of your family serving in the RAF, whether or not you yourself had RAF experience, should consider joining the Association. One day, though we hope not, it might be one of your family calling RAFA Welfare for assistance. By joining us you will have helped, in an indirect way, to help those falling on hard times. For those serving now, please join us to contribute to helping your colleagues in difficulties. Without RAFA's Wings Appeal, life would be harder for many.

Our Users

All members of the Branch in the local and wider community and those serving at home or abroad.


Who we are, what we do and why we do it.