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Morrison's Collection Day

14/01/2019 16:00
Thank you to all  members who participated in collecting at Morrison's Morecambe, gifting part of their Saturday to do so.  We did pretty well for this time of year so soon after Christmas and New Year celebrations, coupled with the sales.  We collected £299.11.

Annual General Meeting 12 February

09/01/2019 10:31
Our Annual General Meeting is being held in the Clarendon Hotel (former RAF Morecambe HQ) on 12 February at 1.45pm.  Lunch is available at 12.15 pm and those wish to attend the lunch who have not informed the Secretary are advised to get in touch with her ASAP.

Science is letting us all down

24/12/2018 14:59
  "It is a little-known fact that there are many kinds of science, and thus “scientists”; not the one kind presented in the myth-making tabloid media, or by some parading scientists themselves." D Warren   David Warren Friday, December 21, 2018  It is a little-known fact that...

Organ fire causes disruption

24/12/2018 14:36
Those attending the annual carol concert in St Barnabas, Morecambe Parish Church were in for a surprise.  The service was just about to get underway when a fog appeared in the altar area.  The incense from a previous service hid the danger signs that there was a fire in the organ!...

Social Programme for 2019

21/12/2018 15:53
See Social Programme 2019 Page for details of all our talks and events in 2019.

A record Christmas Lunch

15/12/2018 15:01
We had 61 members and guests attending our annual Christmas lunch at the Headway Hotel Morecambe: a record attendance and a fitting way to say farewell to the Headway Hotel and staff who have been so good to us over the five years we have been with them.  We are sad to leave but the hotel has...

Our New Standard

15/12/2018 14:59
Here is a view of our new standard with the Royal Crest:

Think of the forgotten ground crew sometimes

10/12/2018 15:48
International Loss of Ground Crew Recognition   Through the history of world aviation many names have come to the fore. Great deeds of the past in our memory will last as they're joined by more and more.   When man first started to labor in his quest to conquer the sky, He was designer,...

Bereaved families: help is on hand

29/11/2018 13:19
If unfortunately bereaved ready help is available ( ) to handling all those forms and notifications see below:  

Our Wings Appeal Business Supporters

20/11/2018 13:31
We ask all members to make a special effort to support those businesses that have agreed to host one of our Wings Appeal Collecting Boxes.  We are doing very well out of their support which also reduces the Wings Appeal Organising effort.  These supporters are listed in the Wings Appeal...
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