He in pain remembered them!

12/11/2018 14:54
Stu Robinson in pain within his upper legs and problems with his artificial legs represented our branch and all of those wounded by war remaining in pain and difficulties.  He struggled before all of us up to the Cenataph and laid the wreath and by his pain and effort said it all: we shall...

Gerry Haley's Funeral Details

04/11/2018 10:34
Gerry Haley's funeral will be on Wednesday 14thNovember at 12.30 pm at Lancaster & Morecambe Crematorium. There will be a reception afterwards at the Keys, Main Road, Slyne, Lancaster LA2 6AU.     Donations in memory of Gerry will be shared between the RAFA Morecambe & Lancaster...

Gerry Hayley passes on to a just reward: funeral details to come

01/11/2018 15:39
  We are sad to report that Gerry Haley died this morning. He had suffered with a degenerative nervous disease for over a decade which had been gradually robbing him of his mobility. He had been in the Infirmary for about two months having had several infections, but he hadn't been able to...

Christmas Lunch 11 December at 12 noon

22/10/2018 10:32
Here is a reminder to book your place at our annual Christmas Lunch in the Headway Hotel Morecambe.  If you have not received a menu please contact the Secretary asap.

Book Review

13/10/2018 06:49
See Book Reviews Page for an worthwhile read about: A Bomber Command Navigator shot down and on the run.

Brain Cottam after a stroke passes away: funeral details awaiting

13/10/2018 06:35
Brian Cottam goes to his heavenly reward Brian was a real gentleman who practised chivalry, and treated everyone he met with great charm and concern. Brian served as a Wireless Operator on 533 Mobile Signals Unit, 46 Group Transport Command, 2ndTAF during WW2. He signalled the movements of supply...

Annual Carol Service at Lancaster Priory

28/09/2018 14:06
The Annual Carol Service will be held on 11th December at Lancaster Priory Church: doors open at 19:00 for start at 19:30   Lancaster Military Heritage Group request all organisations with a standard to bring it to the service.   LMHG would like cadet organisations to supply details of...

Branch supports Carnforth Air Squadron

27/09/2018 16:24
The Branch agreed to donate over £500 to Carnforth Air Cadet Squadron to purchase climbing kit.  It also donated joysticks and helped them to obtain free open source FlightGear Flight Simulation Software to provide parallel basic flying training for air cadets.  The squadrons are...

Computer Display Eye Hazard

24/09/2018 15:07
Pulse Width Modulation is used to economise on the lighting in displays. It does this by cycling the backlight on and off at a frequency you can't necessary detect with the naked eye, but which could lead to eye issues, headaches etc. This method generally means that at 100% brightness a...

RAF Linton-on-Ouse marches through York

24/09/2018 12:05
On Sunday 23rd SeptemberRAF Linton-on-Ouse exercised their Freedom of the City with a march through York and a service of Thanksgiving and Rededication in York Minister.  The President of RAFA attended and so did two of our members: no prizes for spotting one of them: photos in News...
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