Computer Display Eye Hazard

24/09/2018 15:07
Pulse Width Modulation is used to economise on the lighting in displays. It does this by cycling the backlight on and off at a frequency you can't necessary detect with the naked eye, but which could lead to eye issues, headaches etc. This method generally means that at 100% brightness a...

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

29/05/2018 14:28
If you have not completed GDPR form and returned it to us, we cannot contact you again by mail, email or telephone until you do so.  Even if we hear from another person that you are in urgent need, we are legally obliged not to until we have your permission to do so.

Help for Veterans in Lancaster: Flash News

12/03/2018 19:43
Lancaster residents can now help a veteran by enjoying a cuppa.  A recent Lancaster Guardian report Sharpe’s Café was officially opened on March 5 by Lady Jane Grosvenor and Phil Waterhouse, Commodore Royal Navy, Naval Regional Commander Northern England and Isle of Man.    The café...

No Time to Die

08/02/2018 11:08
Read an interesting and vital organs transplant article: see Interesting Posts page.  All of us in UK are facing the decision whether to become automatic voluntary organ transplant patients or to opt out.  This article is critical to our decision making.

Wifi penetrates 3ft walls!

28/07/2017 09:49
Ever wondered why Wifi penetrates thick walls and appears everywhere?  Well the 2.4 to 5Ghz signal is pulsed at 10 to 250Hz which is within the extremely low frequency range or ELF.  This is the frequency range used to communicate with submarines and through the earth into mines  or...

If you need help at any time

28/07/2017 09:36
Ex-service personnel and their families can run into difficulties, especially in transition from service to civilian life.  To help we have arranged for an Officer from the British Legion and our Welfare Officer to have a surgery once a month as shown on the poster below:  Please do take...

WiFI: Beware of Possible Side Effects

10/07/2017 11:44
During the 1980s I became involved in research at the cutting edge of Information Technology systems, and I then hypothesized that WiFi electromagentic fields coupling with cells in the human body could cause destructive results.  At that time people were more worried about electromagnetic...

Civil Service Insurance Cover for Armed Forces Personnel

01/05/2017 15:49
  Armed Forces personnel are eligible for insurance cover by the Civil Service Insurance Society. Go to for further details.

Visit the Madingley American World War II Cemetery and Memorial

28/02/2017 09:59
See News Shots for a short description of a visit to this very impressive American site.  It is very worthwhile you visiting if you are in the area.

RNLI in WW1 and WW2

06/08/2016 14:33
A new page has been incorporated to replace Food for Thought: Interesting Posts.  Raymond Hirst starts the ball rolling with two articles on the role of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) during both World Wars.  If you have any information which you feel might be of...
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