News Shots


St Paul's, Rusland, Cumbria

11.11 at the Cenotaph, Morecambe


Platform Concert and Service of Remembrance, Morecambe

Grand Parade at the Cenotaph Morecambe

Cambridge, Madingley American World War II Cemetry and Memorial 

This is the only US World War II Cemetery in the UK and is well worth a visit, especially if you are touring Cambridge.  There is so much to see and think about so please allow several hours.  One visit may not be enough.  The University of Cambridge donated the site.  if you are a Glenn Miller fan, he is one of those remembered there among all of those who have unkown graves.  What marks this cemetery out is the way the Special Relationship between our two countries is implicit in all the descriptions of the events that took place and the thousands of Americans who gave up their lives to eradicate Hitler and his followers from Europe.  We will remember them!




















































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