Befriending Unknown Members, Serving or Ex-serving Personnel and their families

01/12/2016 12:32

We are asking for volunteers who might wish to become Befrienders of RAFA Members, Serving or Ex-Serving Personnel and their families.  Such people have to be DBS cleared and have to undergo a course of training.


Befriending should not be confused with member friendship visits of known active members some of whom have had to retire from branch activities.  Such people are well known by members and are unlikely to be an emotional threat to those visiting.  Such visits are performed by members on an as required basis including providing lifts to meetings.  The important criterion is that such people are well known within the branch.


Befriending mainly involves unknown people calling for visits because they are lonely or feel rejected by society.  Such people have to be assessed for their physical and emotional needs. While everything is done to protect such vulnerable people from any threat or abuse, more thought is being given to the Befrienders and not everybody has the skills necessary.  The most trying problems are found when confronted by situations which may be described as "tyranny of the weak".  It is very difficult to unlock oneself from such situations.