Calling all parents and families of serving personnel

25/06/2018 11:56

It is amazing that we have such few members who have relations serving in the RAF.  This is very sad because all that we do is focussed on gathering funds and support for serving personnel in time of need and yet their families show little to no interest.  Their loved ones are in difficulties and strangers help them by collections and other activities.  When they leave the service for any reason we are there to help them should they need us.


Dear parents and relations of serving personnel, you don't have to have been in the RAF to join us.  Just having someone you love or know in the RAF means you can have a Full Associate Membership at the small annual minimum cost of £8.50.


If you don't join us and as our numbers deplete, we and the funds won't be there to provide the assistance required. 

Show your concern by getting in touch and join us now!