Did you miss the RAF !00 fly past?

11/07/2018 14:56

If you could not see this fantastic show here is a link to it:www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvtMxsYOj94

Calling all parents and relatives of RAF Serving Personnel

I you are a parent or relative of a serving person please think of joining us so that we can help your family member when in need.  We are all ageing in RAFA and urgently need a transfusion of new blood and this blood must and can only come for you.  If you ignore this appeal and we die out then what hope will be there for your serving relative who falls on hard times.  Charity starts in the home, make RAFA your home!

Calling all RAF Serving Personnel

You may not think you need us or we are just an insurance policy, well you may be very disappointed years on: it is no use of becoming involved with us 40 to 60 years on.  We need help now and not years in the future.  If this happens our future dies and your help with it.  Read the latest issue of Airmail and think about these words: When you're in uniform you think the world is your oyster.  As you get older you never know what is going to happen . RAFA is here to support those who are struggling.  Today yes RAFA is here, tomorrow it is up to you to get involved now