Help for Veterans in Lancaster: Flash News

12/03/2018 19:43

Lancaster residents can now help a veteran by enjoying a cuppa. 

A recent Lancaster Guardian report

Sharpe’s Café was officially opened on March 5 by Lady Jane Grosvenor and Phil Waterhouse, Commodore Royal Navy, Naval Regional Commander Northern England and Isle of Man. 


The café is run by FirstLight Trust, a charity helping former members of the armed forces and emergency services adjust to civilian life. With delicious home-made cakes and coffees, Sharpe’s is a welcoming spot for the public and veterans of any rank or age.


Many ex-military can feel socially isolated, even lonely,” says Dorinda Wolfe Murray of FirstLight Trust. “So we run hubs with fantastic Sharpe’s coffee bars creating a friendly drop-in for veterans and civilians alike. Every penny raised helps our work in giving back veterans a sense of value and belonging.”


Sharpe’s Café at 63 to 65 Market Street is named after the Rifleman played on TV by Sean Bean. The charity plans to use the café as a base from which to run modules to help struggling ex-military and blue light veterans get back on their feet.


ABF The Soldiers Charity has provided funds for a support worker to help veterans.


A Sharpe's Cafe in Scarborough was visited by two of our members who were most impressed.

We are delighted with this development which will support our need to have such a place in Lancaster but could not find the means to achieve this. We hope to provide the cafe with information and our programme so that RAF veterans in Lancaster can find our friendship, help and support via this avenue.

Two officers of the Branch visited the cafe and found it to be a friendly place and were made very welcome.  Above all it has got lots of good things to eat over a cuppa or two.


A Firstlight Trust brochure is displayed in Local Events Page.