Holiday Break for Webmaster

31/07/2018 14:09

We had a short break and so nothing was placed on the website, but it was lovely holiday, coolish in the West Lakes of Cumbria.  The shots show the Webmaster achieving his aim of walking up the very steep, for him, road to the Roman fort on Hardknott Pass: "I did it" shot.  The next shot shows the wonderful view down the valley towards the sea.  It is quite impressive to think that the Romans created this fort all those years ago.  One of the shots shows the little train used to get from Ravenglass to Dalargth Station from which there is a three mile walk and climb to the fort.  Admittedly the Webmaster required a push to get up the last bit by Mrs Webmaster.  The other shots show some of the lovely views around the West Coast of Cumbria including Whitehaven which is well worth a visit.  For those of you who would like to go on the Ratty steam train and cannot here is a clip for you and it includes a panning across Wastwater which is majestic and