Organ fire causes disruption

24/12/2018 14:36

Those attending the annual carol concert in St Barnabas, Morecambe Parish Church were in for a surprise.  The service was just about to get underway when a fog appeared in the altar area.  The incense from a previous service hid the danger signs that there was a fire in the organ!  The upshot was we all had to evacuate the church to watch three fire tenders rush up to the rescue and there was a buzz of excitement in the West End.  Fortunately the wonderful fire service turned up in time to handle the crisis and no lasting damage has been done.  

Poor Fr Michael: this on top of having to find £50,000 plus for a new heating system!  To put a good light on this evil, some good will come out of it all: for one thing it is binding our community closer together.  If any of you have a few £1000s you don't know what to do with well please lend a helping hand to St Barnabas Parish during this Christmas period.


We wish you all a joyful Christmas and may the best of the health go with you into 2019.