RAF100 Concert, St Barnabas Parish Church, Morecambe

07/09/2018 11:01

This was an upbeat concert with with foot stamping, swinging and body swaying Brass music.  The Mayor of Lancaster put it along these lines: I never thought a year ago I would be at a Brass Band Concert and thoroughly enjoying it; it was fantastic.  This is the future of Brass music in our times with a good zip to it.  Well done Morecambe Band: if you want a video of this wonderful evening please do contact the Secretary. 

Next year we are planning to hold our Branch Concert for Saturday 31 August 2019, starting at 7.30 pm.  As this concert is usually held on the Saturday of the Vintage Festival, we have decided to capitalise on this year's highly successful event by adopting the theme: "Dressed-up Vintage" Concert.  This will provide an option for those, including Morecambe Band, who would like to dress up in vintage style and our Secretary is already planning her outfit, scouting through charity shops for suitable attire.  So how about it?

So next and future years our concert will be zipped up Brass Music Vintage Style for all our enjoyment.  

Please turn to News Shots Page for pictures.