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21/11/2014 14:09

Just a few lines as it is a while since I last penned an article for the website.

November began with the annual service at St. Paul's Rusland.  This church, perched on its hill in the Rusland valley between Haverthwaite and Satterthwaite on the way to Grizedale forest and Hawkshead is a gem.  Sometimes there are sheep grazing in the churchyard but not this year.    Although the clouds seemed to be hovering above the church it stayed dry. We have only missed one year since we have been invited to attend and that was 2009 when the floods hit Cumbria and very few people managed to attend.

On Saturday evening of Remembrance weekend the annual concert at The Platform in Morecambe was held. The Morecambe Band provided some stirring music as usual and this year, for the first time some images and film provided by a local archive were shown on a backdrop.  Images of the First World War were poignant and moving.  In an age where the internet, television and radio were unknown it is hard to imagine how news got through to the population.  We take a lot for granted these days.  

I was very proud to carry the Standard on behalf of you all and our dear departed friends on Remembrance Sunday at The Cenotaph in Morecambe.  Thank you all who came along and marched with me. 

The new Heysham Library is so much more than a place from which you can borrow books.   Many of you will remember the old library, just up the road from the police station which used to be on the corner.   The library was venue for the staging of, 'Forgotten Voices of The Great War' acted by members of the Theatre in Beetham, Cumbria.  Based on the book by Max Arthur and first staged at the Edinburgh Festival in 2007, this production really did bring home the characters and the situations that all of them found themselves confronting during the war.

Book of the Month at Heysham Library is 'Dambusters' by Max Arthur.  If you have not read this then I urge you to read this account of the Dams Raid.  This is a verbatim account of the period by the people who took part, who were directly involved including ground crew and those who were at RAF Scampton at the time. 

When I returned 'Dambusters' I picked up a book brand new to the library.  'Harrier' by Jonathan Glancey who wrote the bestselling 'Spitfire'.   I will let you know how it goes.  I have fond memories of the Harrier from my days in Belize. 

Hope to catch up with you all at the Christmas lunch.....   Graeme