WiFI: Beware of Possible Side Effects

10/07/2017 11:44

During the 1980s I became involved in research at the cutting edge of Information Technology systems, and I then hypothesized that WiFi electromagentic fields coupling with cells in the human body could cause destructive results.  At that time people were more worried about electromagnetic coupling between electrical or electronic systems with interference results.  There was no money forthcoming for research into human WiFi coupling impact, as it was more important to develop products for the upcoming markets.

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Today some 30 years later I am observing an avalanche of WiFi electromagnetic fields invading our home, leisure and work spaces. Although there are some slight signs of alarm here and there with a few cases of people sufferring from WiFi impacts, any publicity is quickly extinguished by contrary scientific evidence.  However in the intervening years evidence is slowly coming forth of some in science making themselves prostitute to big money.  It is possible that so called scientific evidence in this area cannot be trusted.  The consequence of an out cry against WiFi would be crippling to the industries involved.

Recently my wife and I began to experience increasing tiredness and fatigue which resulted in us nearly being unable to go on with our activites because of exhaustion.  Holiday breaks brought immediate relief and we became re-energised until again we became exhausted.  Both of us are retired and our activities and health give us no other cause for concern.

On return from a recent break and thinking it all through and remembering my past concerns, I concluded that i had not taken my own advice because I was influenced by the contrary scientific views.  I have switched all WiFi off and hardwired all devices including Androids: mobile phones will return to being only used in emergency. I shall continue to avoid exposure to WiFI as much as possible: where I can not at least returning home to chill out from such exposure.

If you feel exhausted or have signs of fatigue, tiredness or dizziness not caused by your prevailing state of health, and think it might be due to WiFi, then chill out from WiFi for a week or so and see how matters do or do not improve.  It is worth trying anyway.

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Former Chief Research Fellow and Engineer, IT Systems