World War 1 Book of Remembrance - Completed

15/07/2016 12:26

Thanks to a loyal toil of love for the Fallen by our Secretary, the World War 1 Book of Remembrance is now displayed in the St Thomas More Chapel in St Peters, Lancaster Cathedral. She is always ready to update this important memorial book covering 157 lives including over 50 from St Peter's School.  One hundred years on we will still remember them:

"If you live the time that no man will give you good counsel, nor no man will give you good example, when you shall see virtue punished and vice rewarded, if you stand fast and firmly stick to God, upon pain of life, though you be but half good, God will allow you for the whole", St Thomas More

The Secretary is currently working on around 50 lost lives from World War 2, and if readers can supply any information this will be most gratefully received and make her life easier.